Clozette Tea Party 2017

Although I was introduced to Clozette not very long ago, I’m in awe that this community has brought so many beauty lovers together. Despite going under the radar for almost a year (no regrets, I love my newborn to bits), was so glad I’m still remembered dearly by their co-founder Kersie and was really honoured to be invited to Clozette’s latest Tea Party.
This is my 2nd year attending another Clozette party; as always every year there is a new brew.

So what can we expect from Clozette this 2017?
The newly revamped website carries a sleek and chic modern design, there will be plenty of new makeup/beauty videos with involvement of Clozetters, what way to bring us beauty junkies closer together.

Kaiting and Kersie

Clozette style party is held over at Nigiro Cafe, Esplanade Mall. Everyone is dressed accordingly in an array of theme colours: Black, pink and/or white.

Here’s my take in deconstructed white top and pink culottes both from MakersMart (not sponsored)

This is my first official party invite ever since the birth of my son, so I have to say I felt a little lost touch at first. Glad to see familiar faces that quickly made me feel less tense and at home. Also I was mad happy that I’m welcomed with so much food because on my way to the party I was expressing milk in the car and breast feeding makes me savage and hungry!
Time to dig in!
IMG_9108 IMG_9107 IMG_9106

They brought in awesome merchants
ROOS Jewellery, Etude House, Dora Prints and Paper GoodsMeitu, CLEO, GHD, Fleuriste , QTTiE, Lifetime Asia.
Other Sponsors includes: Creme Simon, Elyse & i, Klarity, Skin INC, Too Faced , Zalora.
We brought home damn a lot of goodies in a bag!


IMG_9116 IMG_9118 IMG_9117  IMG_9115

 IMG_9171 IMG_9170 IMG_9166 IMG_9165 IMG_9164 IMG_9161Dora

Plently of Prizes to be won and a grand prize of ROOS Belgium Diamond Earrings with SGD1,600IMG_9141

So I tried my luck and uploaded this pic on instagram and GUESS WHO WON?
Posing with ROOS Jewellery collection

who dis lucky winner?
Thank you ROOS Jewellery!
CI - Clozette Tea Party 2017- The Style Highlights - ROOS Winner

Caught with some other awesome people!IMG_9154 IMG_9151
Crystal and Cindy

#girlsquad w Melissa, Chloe, Juliana, Agnes, Cindy & Winter


Shn Juay, this post partum mama is looking great!

IMG_9172   IMG_9137 IMG_9136
Finally met sheena and her lovely friend :D

Becky and her statement piece earrings


Hello miss J~

Posing with my Grand Prize! DSC07362 DSC07372 DSC07381 DSC07419

‘Be Fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire’

look forward to a home pampering session.

Almost too pretty to use!DSC07424

Crème Universelle Oil-Free Moisturizer from Creme SimonDSC07428

Etude House 101 pencils perfect for contouring. DSC07432

Thank you so much for the awesome invite Clozette, be sure to check out their newly revamped website!

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