Clozette Style Party 2016

Life has been rewarding so far coz I got to attend one of the biggest event of the year, the Clozette Style Party!

With Agnes & Juliana

Even though I haven’t been actively blogging, I’m grateful that I still get a chance to be invited to events! I actually have sometime exciting to announce but I will do so in due time so stay tune :)

Back to the event, it was indeed a bustling one with like-minded bloggers who are fashion and beauty crazy. Hyping up the event are the participating merchants: Laneige, Milly’s (Go Milly!!!), Nuren, cafebond, Olivia & co.


Crazy pigment and pretty colours, very good for creating 2 tonal and ombres
IMG_8807  IMG_8811 IMG_8810

There was already a sea of people when I got there, so I walked myself over to the registration count and saw Faith (yay!), after getting our Clozette tags and such we went over to spam some photos at the Clozette Photo Wall.


MY #OOTD for the day:
Everyone loves my Angiely Navy Floral Pants from MDS Collections. Is on sale now! I bought it at the physical boutique though.

Faith & Cindy mummy-to-be

Even though we spent most of the time backstage catching up with the #clozetteambassadors I still managed to squeeze sometime to walk around exploring various booths

There was a long line of people waiting to get their nails done at Milly’s booth. I so wanted to do my nails but the queue is way too long :(

Cafebond is giving out free coffee, I didn’t redeem any because if I take caffeine anytime after noon I’ll probably won’t be able to Zzz at night but I saw that the chilled cold brewed coffee really does look tasty! You know the feeling you want to but can’t, urgh…

I guess my favourite booth is the Clozette flatlay station using the winning products from Clozette Beauty Awards 2015!
IMG_8802 IMG_8803 IMG_8804

I very rarely do flatlays, think when it comes to product placement I really suck at it and plus I like to do more of #lotds and #motds showcasing makeup on my face instead. So this booth has given me a insight on how to go about constructing a nice flatlay.

So here’s my flatlay, What say you? Can pass not? lol

And of course the 2 most important Segment of the day;
Beauty demos by the amazing Youtube star Morgan and fellow bloggers strutting the runway.
IMG_8813 IMG_8834

Take a look at what I’ve complied for you.

Featuring other blogger friends musical houses, Melissa, Sydney, Shn Juay, Vinna

Also finally not forgetting my #MOTD

etudehousesingapore precious mineral any cushion
Shiseido integrate grey Brow Pencil
Etudehousesingapore brow mascara #05

Thebalm_cosmetics greatest hits vol 1 in sexy
Bohktoh_official lashes #lashfororder
K-palette Bulgarian rose eyeliner superblack
Thebodyshopsg all in one cheek bubblegum 05
The balm adoring X Revlonsg colour burst Matte balm shameless (base)

Close up of my lip which I decided to add some light Icicing of Revlon colorburst matte balm shameless. IMG_8782

Last but not least, signing off with my and my little pumpkin.
No goodie bag coz I totally left without redeeming mine *sobs*
Thanks once again Clozette for the awesome invitation!