CLIO NEW! 2015 Makeup Launch

Hello Dblchinis!
Is seems like dino years since I attended an event.
When it comes to evenings and weekends, usually I’ll allocate time for my family but if I’m lucky I get off days to sneak out and gather with a friend or two.

So here’s one of my lucky day out! I get to experience Clio Makeup newest upcoming products and launches.
Me and my accidental Sheer Maxi Skirt #OOTD , holding onto Clio Kill Cover Liquid Foundwear Cushion.
This sheer maxi skirt is lined with a built in skirt which previously ends around the knee, I only wanted snip off an inch of the skirt but it keeps getting crooked, so I went on snipping and snipping hoping it will look straight and nice until it became…. too short to wear it alone I had to throw on another pair of shorts underneath.
I thinks, not bad

With Luisa at Gallery Huue.
At first I wondered why the odd location because it is situation at busy street near newton circus. Then I realized Gallery Huue is a place where they feature contemporary Korean art & craft and since Clio cosmetics is from Korea, so this makes perfect sense.

The food choices area also very different as well, very Korean oriented and yummy!
DSC00467 DSC00468 DSC00471 DSC00473

DSC00462 DSC00464 DSC00465

We are first greeted by the friendly Korean emcee, Ms Heejeong Jeon.
She introduces the new face of Clio Gong Hyo Jin (left) who acted romantic drama: Okay, That’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야)
The show did captured a few subtle product placement of Clio while she is doing the ‘girl thing’ e.g powdering, touching up of lipstick etc.

And then Lorraine, Singapore counterpart for Clio comes up to delivery her speech. I’ve been long time friends with Lorraine since the start of my beauty blogging journey, I remembered getting invited for Skin79 events and all. Ahhh… those were the days. DSC00478

Before the product demo, we were given some light hearted Korean phrase to learn from.
‘Let’s do it just once’ means a great deal to Clio’s latest lip range.
With their tension lip (few pictures below) you only need to apply your lipstick once and are good to stay for the day.

Makeup maestro Larry Yeo giving us tips and tricks on the best preferred application in order for clean flawless finish.
With Clio Kill Cover Liquid Foundation on hand, he uses a brush to dust lightly onto the model’s face. Clio Kill Cover actually comes with a air puff for you to use but depending on your preferred coverage, if you want a light pearly glow (next picture), gingerly buff the product in with a brush, this will give a very translucent finish. However, if you are looking for a thicker coverage, you may use the air puff directly.
DSC00491 DSC00494

I’ve also have personally tested out their lip range, I have to say all in all you still need touch ups which, I dont really mind. I mean how much room does a lipstick take? Even though is not as long lasting, the colour sure goes on vibrant and creamy.

Clio Tension Lip is available in 6 bold colours,
#9- Pinkly
#10- Peachnista
#11- Honey Blossom
#12- Butter Kiss
#14- Back Talk
#16- Red Liar
The one next to it is probably the most amazing brow product I’ve ever used ‘Clio Kill Brow’.
To the bad brows, Kill brow will long zong kill ga liao! The tinted felt tip is soooo subtle, and easy to use, it just looks like a 2nd skin.

Here’s a swatch on someone else, thanks for lending a hand Jacelyn!
I hope to talk about my review on Clio Products that I’ve received soon,
Thanks for the awesome invite!

*Clio Products are available at Selected watsons stores from August 2015

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