Chopping off my hair @ Shunji Matsuo

2 weeks ago I decided to end my relationship with that long dry brittle but not so cascading hair because of several reasons:

-The weather is unforgiving

-With that growing tummy and a short torso, I look like a fashionable Pontianak with coloured hair when I let it down.

-To prepare myself for confinement.

Even thought I had already planned to chop a substantial amount, I wasn’t sure how short I wanted to go. So without a rough gauge and no magazine cuttings I bravely head down to Shunji Matsuo for my haircut.

Presenting level 99 unruliness.
This is my hair without any styling and really does looks terrible.

Told Justin I wanted my hair shorter but not to the extended where I cannot grab hold of it with a tie band and so he started to snip a few inches off until chest level and instructed me to go for a quick wash.

After I came back, he continue to snipping of more and more until I got this nice curvy shape at the back hanging about mid way through my shoulder blade.

My hair was blown dry with the ends slightly curved in to give that soft romantic look.

Even after cutting, you still could capture shades of blue seeping through the chemically bleached surface.

Remnants of my hair.DSC00024
Sylvia (and Ryan) was there to join me for a hair cut therefore here are our remains. Everyone is so multicolored nowadays.

A side by side comparison!
Some friends are a little taken aback that I actually chopped my hair off after painstakingly growing it for a long time but I have to say I really do enjoy having this length now! I really look more refreshed nowadays and that this haircut actually frames my face nicely! Best of all…it takes less time to dry my hair!
I also do not need to worry about looking old and haggard with babydoll dresses, which pretty much the only choice for maternity wear for now.
In conclusion I have absolutely no regrets saying goodbye to the crazy hair ends, for once is good riddance!

For more enquries on Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon:

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Singapore 238872
Appointments: (65) 62381522, (65) 62381514
*Treatment is sponsored, opinions are my own.

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