Celebrating 30 years with Kipling

Touching base with motherhood again is not easy especially when I’m needed to be up in the dead of the night to express milk and also to feed my newborn. By that it also means bringing a truckload of stuff whenever I head out with the baby and/or alone because I’m an exclusive pumping mummy. With a fixed schedule of expressing breast milk every 3-4 hourly, I’m always accompanied by my breast pump wherever I go. Thus a good sturdy mummy bag is essential for me to bring out on a day to day basis like running errands or heading to work.

In conjunction with Kipling 30 years anniversary, the crinkled nylon fabric giant decides to send me a bag for review.
Known for being lightweight, Kipling diaper bag best fits a on-the-go mummy like me! Even though I’m still technically say on ‘Maternity leave’ I’m seriously those type that cannot be coop up at home; took up a bridal makeup gig a few days right after my baby turns full month.

I was offered a few options on the choice of bags but I decided to go for Kipling ADORA Baby Changing Bag in small flower due to its subtlety with feminine touches of the repetitive flowers. The quiet navy blue body will definitely go well with the outfits I have in my wardrobe.


DSC07526 DSC07528 DSC07530
Kipling Adora Baby Changing Bag consist of:
2 top handles, Detachable & adjustable shoulder strap, Signature Kipling medium furry monkey keyring charm, Zipped front pocket, Rear Velcro pocket.

Zipped main compartment comprising: Baby changing mat, Phone pouch, Wallet pouch, Pen holder, 2 open pockets, 1 zipped pocket, 2 Open side pockets

Kipling aims to keep bags functional, lightweight and not forgetting stylish for ehem, young mums like me. The bags are designed happy with bags of imagination, optimism and fun.

Since I’m already using my existing diaper bag for Travis and Ryleigh, I decided to use KIPLING ADORA Baby Changing Bag as my pump bag.
Here’s an overview of what I’ve kept inside whenever I head out. DSC07520
From Clockwise:Thermal Bag with icepack (to keep my breastmilk chilled if I’m needed to be out for the day), Handsfree Pumping Bra + cape/shawl, Electric double pump Spectra M1, Flange attached with bottles

Top handle usage

Shoulder strap usage


Thank you Kipling for the lovely gift!

❥ dblchin ❥

*Products are sponsored and written in my own words

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