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  I’m never a fan of wearing low back simply because, most of the time showing a part of my bra would be unsightly and going braless is just…so not me (I don’t think anyone wants to see my boobs leaking from inside out). I know that nu bra exist but I’m pretty anal when it comes to sticking them on; my ‘sisters’ must look symmetrical or else I would re-stick them over and over again. By the time I’m done, the bra will lost all its stickiness and I’m late for whatever appointment I’m planning to head to.

When I saw ShopOnlineLah selling cage bras, I asked Joey to send a part of their collection for me to review.
Usually I don’t do things this way but since we are friends and I’m really keen on reviewing her products, my unabashed request was granted.
Low Back dress showing 3 strap Cage Bra.

The reason why I’m so keen on cage bra is because,

– they are made like sports bra, so you can wear then for yoga practice, Pilates or even a jog around the neighbourhood.

-they do not have underwire. Underwire are constructed to rest on the lower cup of the breast that is most likely to obstruct milk flow, causing block ducts which is a nightmare for breastfeeding mummies. Underwired-free is love.

-also to support the last point, Cage bra is a life saver for nursing mums when you want to look great in a sexier dress, because most nursing bras are like…
Nursing bra peeking through sheer fabric


-they give me a sense of security by functioning exactly like a bra except the back is so well designed, you don’t need to hide any straps for low backs.

-Damn! is cheap at ShopOnlineLah!!!!

Now that I’ve explained my point, here’s a few outfits that I would like to feature wearing cage bra.

**Basically cage bra is the main inner beauty during my time in Japan, Kyoto. I’m really a Super fan of it now and No longer afraid of digging out that sexy back outfit I had in my closet for years** cage-bra
Solo Sunrise Dress by Club Couture

This is not so much of ‘showing’ off the strap but rather another method to wear this cage bra thing.
It is so secured I could just tuck the straps underneath my arms like a tube top or pull the shoulder straps down my arms so it is conceals nicely on off-shoulder outfits
Brittany Stripes Off Shoulder from Fairebelle

On the contrary, showing the straps is perfectly fine because with no adjustment rings, the cage bra probably looks like is part of the outfit.
Wearing watercolour halter dress by Fairebelle

I rarely wear spag dresses/tops but Cage Bra has officially changed the way I looked at it!
The reason why the seam of this dress looks like is not sewn properly is because I did a quick alteration myself to the side seam in order for it to fit me.(fail lol!)
Island Floral Maxi Dress from Fairebelle Size (M)


The downside to cage bra is that if you are looking for full support, the best advice is still go for Underwire bras because ultimately the Bra pad provided in cage bra is similar to something you could find in a swimsuit. So if you are not looking for that type of support, this is definitely not suitable for you.
Also we all comes in all shapes and sizes thus the shoulder strap might be too short for ladies with longer torso. Of all the colour’s I’ve tried, Black has the shortest shoulder strap, reason being the material is different from the rest of the cage bras.

Another word of caution:
Because Cage bras are meant to show, thus please separate the lights and the dark’s when washing, because once it cross stain…no turning back liao…

I myself also don’t wear cage bras everyday la because nursing bras is still my staple plus the clasp and unclasping function is still very much needed, so ya.But cage bra has proven to be my best inner wear for dressing up and head out, this is seriously the most awe and useful inner wear I’ve ever come across

The Bra pad that comes with every Cage Bra

Different Variations of Cage Bra:DSC00003
DSC00008 DSC00002DSC00004

Thanks ShopOnlineLah for the kind offer, do visit them for more variations and colours.

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