Bridal Hair and make up services

I started providing makeup and hair services! Yay! Like finally I decided to do something I love for the longest time. Initially, I don’t really have the courage to extend my services because i always thought I’ll never be good enough until recently, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and grab when opportunity strikes! well, it seems like people are pretty happy from what I did.

Here are the looks I did for 2 bridesmaid, not the best resolution, these are the usually hairstyles n updo’s I created for an important event. Mostly we’re braids and twisted hair techniques. Not only that More styles to come actually!

In my next post I’ll publish some pics of hairstyles n makeup I did for my friend’s wedding Photoshoot. In the meantime, enjoy the current pics!

If you wish to engage my services (trust me is at a very affordable rate), do not hesitate to drop me an email I will get back to you within 24 hours.



More suggestions? Let me know what u think! :D

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