Birthday Dinner For the Hubby

When it comes to bday dinners, I really dread suggesting food locations. Unlike those expert foodies, I had no idea in mind on where to go but I want to be gungho like that and told the  husband I will plan something nice for him.
So I head to down to town and got my hair done up nicely at Shunji Matsuo. while I was doing my hair I frantically ask Justin for suggestions on the nicest place to eat around orchard, he mentioned a few and handed me a Japanese catalog featuring all the nice places eat in town. After I was done flipping through the catalog, my head was swimming with so many splendid places!
Not bothered by the exorbitant prices, I wanted to settle for Salt Grill and Sky Bar located at the highest level of Ion shopping centre for a good meal. Actually not say I very wealthy but I was partly guilty for not getting him a decent gift, on the other hand is not easy lugging a tummy at 5 months to hunt around for a present, I get really tired from walking easily.

So, we met after my hair appointment and I mentioned to him about my plan for the night, he was like “er actually I still very full, I ate something at 4pm, maybe we can noms a little later?” It was around 5ish but I was already hungry like mad.
Plus after hearing about Salt Grill and Sky Bar, he was pretty reluctant to head over because is too expensive for his taste. For non Foodies like us, I tell u hawker centre and fast food is our staple food source. Ok fast food mostly, junk is my bestie.

Anyways I was on the verge of collapsing  from hunger when I told him,
“ok lets have something decent like chinese food?”
“YES NAO.” Affirmation with a full stop.
We finally agreed on Paradise Dynasty and here we are, at the xiao long bao restaurant without ordering any bao.

IMG_6192 IMG_6191
IMG_6202 IMG_6201 IMG_6200  IMG_6198
The food was decent and filling but most importantly is the company you dine with.
Ok la look at the face, I think he’s somewhat happy even thought the choice of location is not how I’ve envisioned.
Ok that’s the story of my husband’s bday, hope u r entertained by our struggle, selecting the ‘perfect’ place to eat.


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