Bio-essence 24K Bio Gold Water

I always thought I’ll look 21 until one day I meticulously observed myself in the mirror, something which I hasn’t had the chance to do since the day Ryleigh was born and realized how much I’ve aged. Those fine lines and wrinkles have since appeared prematurely without my knowledge :(
Sometimes is hard to believe that once you hit the big 3, everything has taken a toll on my skin.

Is not easy finding the right product to keep up with this aging process, with Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold Water and Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold Platinum Dual cream, I’m able to keep up my daily maintenance and defy gratify for a long long time.

Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Water
DSC00013Infused with gold flakes, this bottle of  goodness brings you this omnipotent anti-aging solution with its 24K Bio-Gold water range.
Formulated with 98% genuine 24K gold, Bio-essence’s 24K Bio-Gold water series promises to restore skin’s natural glow with various all-in-one benefits.
Not only it is good to look at, Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Water effectively promotes blood and oxygen circulation to enhance skin’s metabolism and stimulate cell renewal to your skin’s finest stage.

I love how this product drizzle off my skin so easily because of it’s light weight texture.
DSC00004The product gets absorbed into the skin rapidly leaving little time for stickiness, a much needed formulation for busy mummies like me.
Also Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Water with alone, I can simply chuck my long winding 10 step regiment aside and replace with just:

Cleansing->Toning->Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Water-> Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Duo Cream

With that being said, the softest and most malleable metal 24K Gold used only by the royalty; Egyptian queen Cleopatra now is available in flake form for everyday people like us! yay!
Aside from that, it is only retailing at $45 for every 150ml, now everyone can add afford to stay radiant and flawless at a cost-effective pricing.

Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold Platinum Dual cream
DSC00015which woman doesn’t want to defy gravity?
With Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold Platinum Dual cream, anti-oxidant is the key feature to this cream. Comes in both Bio-essence 24k Bio-Platinum Day cream and Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold night Cream both in one jar, it forms 2x protection over skin to fight free radicals, slowing down visible signs of ageing.
Infusing with Bio-energy fluid, product helps to absorb faster and deeper into skin with energy and nourishment to revitalize skin cells

I love the convenient packaging of both day and night cream in one jar, save the trouble of lining up individual creams especially during traveling.
DSC00017The awesome feature of this product is its sun protection properties, now I can just skip sunblock altogether just by using this jar of goodness.
Bio-essence 24k Bio-Platinum Day cream contains SPF25 PA+++ to prevent skin damage from the sun and maintain skin radiance in the day.
DSC00025I love how smooth this product glides on my skin, it contain speckles of metallic flakes that is called the Nano Bio-Platinum which I’ve mentioned earlier, where the sun protection comes in.
It comes in this semi opaque formula that glides smoothly onto my skin leaving it grease free and velvety touch.
DSC00026Carrying similar properties as Bio-essence 24k Bio-Platinum Day cream, Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold night Cream helps to defy and reduce fine lines and wrinkles on face and neck and stimulates skin renewal to restore younger-looking complexion. Formulated as night cream it Intensively nourishes and moisturizes face and neck to prevent dryness and lines so that we can wake up to healthy glowing skin.
I love how even lighter feel this Night cream as compared to the Day one, it feels simply like my 2nd skin even after application!
See how awesome the 24k gold flakes disintegrated and set onto my skin leaving it supple and moisturized.

Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold Water retails at 150g for $45 and Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold Platinum Dual cream retails at 40g for $42.

Other products :
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Bio-Essence series available at the following outlets:
24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream: Exclusively at Watsons
From 1 October 2014 onwards: Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, NTUC Fairprice, OG, C K Department Store, Sheng Siong, BHG, SASA and selected mini cosmetic houses.

24K Bio-Gold Water:
Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, NTUC Fairprice, OG, C K Department Store, Sheng Siong, BHG, SASA and selected mini cosmetic houses.

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