Better well being with OSIM uPure 2 and OSIM uMist Baby

        Nothing is more important than protecting my family from the harsh environment, also having access to clean water especially after having a baby. I used to kindaaaaaa slack back on my hygiene level say letting dust accumulate around the corners of my house or drinking straight from the tap. But since the say we’ve welcome our new member, there is no lee way for dusty corners and congested pathways.

This festive season Osim has sent me 2 products not only for my enjoyment but a something that I could share with my family.

I’m happy to feature OSIM uPure 2 and OSIM uMist Baby on my blog.

OSIM uPure 2
Accessing to clean purified water has never been easier, just attached the device to your tap water unit and you are good to go!

OSIM uPure 2 comes with so many compatible adaptor you don’t have to worry about not finding the right fit for your tap device. I totally love the size of OSIM uPure 2 because is so compact and hassle free unlike those big gigantor purifying system which probably would kills millions cells by cracking my brain to make space in my teeny weeny kitchen!
This is actually not my first time using compact purifying system.
My old set was terrible because it doesn’t come with a variety of adapters, thus I had to wrap the tap nozzle teflon pipe tape. Super unsightly looking and tends to build up remnants of rusty substance overtime. With  OSIM uPure2, it fits on like a glove.

DSC00005-1 DSC00006-1

This is the filtration unit, once time is up you just need to change a new cartridge and you’ll be able to enjoy clean water again! DSC00007-1

Very few simple steps to start your very first uPure 2:
#1 Open the cartridge cover as follows

#2 Insert the cartridge by aligning the line on the cartridge with the groove.
I circle for your liao, very clear cut. DSC00011-1

#3 Close the unit and you are ready to install OSIM uPure 2 onto the main unit. DSC00012-1
Lets take a look at the few functions available by turning the knob on the right:

You get purified drinking water, really straight from the tap onto your glass. DSC00008
The normal default tap water with shower mode which I totally adore!
One thing I would to highlight is having the right fit is very important, because my previous set was installed with Teflon tape, the water actually stream out from everywhere creating a huge splatter every time I’m done with washing!
With OSIM uPure2 I hardly create any water mess and it actually cut half the time in washing dirty dishes.

Streaming mode is most useful when you want to fill say a flask to boil hot water.

So how do you know when is the time to change a new cartridge?
Just simply turn the cartridge replacement indicator in clockwise direction 5 months from date of installation to remind yourself that ‘hey, is time to change a new cart!’ For example now is the beginning of December so you turn the indicator to ’12’ and you can just simply track from there.
Of course if you find that the filter cartridge is dirty (there is a see through window when you look are at cartridge) to be safe you can always change a new one :)

OSIM uMist Baby
DSC00020   DSC00029

Probably one of the best gift I’ve ever received for my kid.

Acting as humidifier, OSIM uMist Baby helps to keep my environment moist and hydrating.
Children tend to suffer from dry cough especially from our torrid climate, the last thing you want them to suffer from is breathing difficulties. Therefore OSIM uMist Baby comes in to help breaks up water into extremely fine visible mist to moisturize dry skin.

Water droplets break down so fine all you see is cool misty fog admitting from the outlet that last up to 6 hours (full tank)

Probably one of the most compact humidifier ever, OSIM uMist Baby is designed so slim I can almost fit into any narrow corner of my house.
Tap on the control button once to switch on and another to activate the night light.

Extra sets incase.

Clean OSIM uMist Baby regularly so as to receive the optimal result from the humidifier, this will help remove mineral residue from the tap water.

Also OSIM uMist Baby operates on 2 pin plug. DSC00035

I’m currently co-sleeping with baby in the same room (baby ->cot and me-> bed) , I find that the air is less dry even after a whole night of air conditioning. Also with the ultrasound technology to generate cool, fine mist that humidifies the room, baby actually sleep better, calmer nowadays until she hits the next milestone; teething.

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