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Hi Dblchinis!
I know chinese new year is nearing the end but there is no excuse for slacking back in taking care of yourself. And I truly believed that caring for your skin is even more important than after junking on all these festive goodies.

The invitation to Skin Perfect is non other than pleasant and comfortable.
Located at Liat Towers, SkinPerfect is convenient and easy to locate.
I was greeted by my friendly consultant, Rachelle. With her light pleasant tone, I immediately feel at home.

Festive mood going on here “meh meh”IMG_5151

I was given a tour to their treatment rooms, the simple and cozy environment makes one feel at ease when receiving treatment.IMG_5153 IMG_5154 IMG_5155 IMG_5158

My skin was accessed thoroughly under this machine which is able to detect skin problem deeply embedded in the under layers.

Rested my chin as pictured below and in 3 clicks the machine is able to analyses our problem faced in photo shows.

I was accessed through the severity of my skin problem in percentage from Spots, Wrinkles, Texture, Pores, UV Spots, Brown Spots, Red Areas, Porphyrins.
The higher the percentage, the better the skin condition.

Spots 92%

Wrinkles 38%
Texture 76%
Pores 89%
UV spots 91%
Brown Spots 97%

Red Areas 91%
Porphyrins 97%
IMG_5169 I’m happy to announce that I do not have major problems with my skin with the exception of premature wrinkles. Yay(nay)!
True to the fact that we can’t delay time but hey, we are still able to slow down the process of aging in several ways.

Rachelle is customizing a bespoke facial for me in accordance to my skin condition and I’ll be receiving lots of hydration for my thirsty skin and to brighten the overall look .

In my facial robe about to get pampered silly!

After #1 Cleansing,
#2 to exfoliate.
Product is applied on my skin to soften the dead skin so as to let the exfoliation process takes place easier.

I was given a round of #3 Pore Refining toner before proceeding to the next step (as pictured below)
#4 Receiving Energy Therapies.

Radio Frequency was carried out on one side of my face to show a before and after difference.
The ‘Before’ picture shows the difference of that treatment only applied on the left side and the ‘After’ picture shows the result of RF applied throughout my entire face.
Can u see the significant change in my face? It instantaneously lifted my face and look significant smaller in the ‘After’ picture.

So in short, the ‘before’ looks wider and the ‘after’ looks narrower, woot is like slimming for my face!IMG_5195

This is absolutely no photoshop, see the sharpness of my chin as directed by that pink arrow. IMG_5193

#5 Massage. IMG_5202

I was given a facial massage to calm and relax the skin.
It feels relaxing and I’m already in the midst of dozing off. IMG_5203

After the massage session follow up by a #6 serum and #7 mask then #8 finished off with a time essence gel. I was once again ushered to the facial machine for a comparison scan.
Though the difference in all other aspects are pretty much the same because my skin was ‘ok’ to start with, my wrinkles was actually reduced! (from 38% to 54%)
I guess is because of the hydrating products that was received during my facial session that resulted in supple refreshed skin.IMG_5211

Now you can get to enjoy your very own customized facial with SkinPerfect with 47 options to choose from!
Sample Store readers can build your own complementary 8 Therapy Facial
Visit their website at
Check out SkinPerfect on Facebook for more promotions.

SkinPerfect is located at the following outlets:

Orchard @ 6235 7377
541 Orchard Road, #21-03, Liat Towers.

Jurong East @ 6425 6966
WestGate Mall, #03-26

Toa Payoh @ 6252 0188
Blk 177, #01-142,Toa Payoh Central

Parkway Parade @ 6345 1663
#04-07, Parkway Parade

Yishun Central @ 6532 0188
Blk 931, Yishun Central 1. # 01-105

Tampines One @ 7823688
#4-31, Tampines Central

*This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own



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