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Is been the longest break…I can’t remember when was the last event I attended and for one moment I thought I wasn’t blogger worthy anymore.
When Benefit extended a “secret” invitation to attend their Biggest launch, I was pretty hysteric because despite my disappearance from events is good to know that I actually still have the market-value. Super thankful for the moral boost.

Anyways this event is said to be highly classified, nothing except the venue and timing was given pre-hand thus most of us attended like a headless fly. When we got there we were made to take an oath and sealed it with our thumbprint, at one point I thought I was in for some cult practice.
Having said that, we were then brought to a crime scene and the first thing I noticed is this seamless pattern of a woman.
wah sey, arching backwards, armpit flashing,  never seen anyone die more graceful than this. DSC00038

A Collection of  crime evidence

Ok looking at the edible evidence, we are now suppose to examine the Do-Not-Ever-Eat-This-If-Not-I-May-Have-To-Examine-You-Too.
After looking left and right at other ‘detectives’ aka copying, I have gather enough information to uncover the mystery that doesn’t really solve anything:
Lash Gel Push-up Pen
What is dis?!

Oh wait, before that #LetUsTakeASelfie
From left: Samatha and Ashley, Roseanne

Amanda and Christabel

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 1.38.48 am
Sarah, Michelle and once again Roseanne

From here, benefit staged a dramatic scene to uncover everything.

Mom-to-be going to due very soon and she’s gamed for anything, this lady has every right to break the law!

So here comes… the holy grail for all criminally sexy ladies…
cheng cheng chengggg…

benefit they’re Real! push-up liner
A lash hugging gel liner in the  form of a pen, you can now customize the thickness of your eyeliner according to your preference.
Is it angled in such a way, lining your eyes would be effortlessly easy.
The crazy thing is once the liner is drawn, there is no budging to it. In short, this is the perfect for tighlining.

Makeup Maestro Larry Yeo explaining the aspects of using ‘benefit they’re Real! push-up liner‘ on different types of eyes.  DSC00059

Demonstrating on:
#1 monolid/hooded eyelids.DSC00060 DSC00065


#2 Round-shaped eyes,.
Lining the bottom lash helps to achieve a fuller more dramatic effect. DSC00070

#3 Smoking out the liner

It gives a very gradual effect when you smoke everything upwards.

Some tips for using benefit they’re Real! push-up liner:
– Use the back of your hand as a palette, this will ensure product is evenly coated
-If you have unsteady hands, do small strokes and trace across the line again the 2nd time

Other than that this pen liner is basically a foolproof tool.

I did a demo on myself:
10173695_700281810028379_7043562378383107894_n(from my instagram) On the right you have they’re Real! Push-up liner: tip is angled in such a way is easy to achieve a sharp winged liner effortlessly, that few odd stands sticking out thing r actually my lashes, I attempted to coat them with mascara but they are so pathetically spars, is pretty much a failure over here.

On the contrary, when I use the same mascara (also from benefit the’re real!) by itself (see pic on left), the drama is adequately suffice & lashes separated evenly.
DSC00005*Falsies are attached with this look, to order please (quote Dbl-3) email me before 13 may

If you have done any looks using Benefit Real Liner, be sure to insert the above tags into your post!


*Benefit will officially be launching on 27th June 2014 at a suggested retail rate of $38
*Products are sponsored, Opinions are my own.

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