Beme Foldable Shoes

The last 10 months (9 ish to be exact) of my pregnancy I’ve been high dependable on flats. As the pregnancy progresses, the center of gravity changes and I tend become less steady on my feet. How I wished I’m like those pregnant mums *cue Blake Lively* that could steadily strut down the pathway decked in heels and still looking gorgeous as ever.
I can only imagine myself like a penguin walking precariously on ice lol, which is why I needed a pair of sturdy flats that could bring my to my destination without stumbling over.
BEME foldable shoes is pretty much tailor made for pregnant mummies; it provides sturdiness and not forgetting giving comfort to my feet.
img_3213 img_3214 img_3229
I love how soft the material feels, I didn’t develop any blister nor abrasion which is pretty rare because whenever I break in a pair of new shoes, my achilles tendon and heel bone would suffer a little for a few days until it gets seasoned out. Their non-slip soles also have given me a better grip as I walk. Also their foldable function makes it really convenient for me to bring around, your just needed to fold and tuck the ends in, it’ll fit easily it into a medium size bag.
Aside from comfort and convenience, this pair of mint green flats does look pretty fashion forward with a tinge of cutesy feel.img_3230

“BE ME made its debut in 2004 with a range of fashion-forward, high quality shoes. BE ME is a Singapore local shoe brand who is driven by her Vision of becoming the most comfortable shoes to serve the needs of quality fashionable footwear globally for every women of all ages at an affordable price. Our BE ME range of foldable shoes have been our best seller and what we are best known for. BE ME has also made its mark in the international scene, exhibiting in shoe fairs such as GDS Germany, Garda Italy and APLF Hong Kong.”

Here’s another style that provides a more airy feel as the sides of the shoes are put together in mesh.img_3217

img_3220 img_3221 img_3222

Beme Foldables may look like ballerinas, but they are much stronger. Designed to be folded in half, the sole is made of flexible yet durable rubber yet my feet will thank the Soft yet firm materials giving me comfort and ease.img_3223 img_3290 img_3292 img_3293
I’m giving away a pair of the above BE ME Foldables (Gold) in Size 36. All you need to do is leave a comment below “I deserve comfort shoes!” and your email address and I’ll pick a winner by the end of the week!

You may purchase Be Me @ the following retail shop at UE Square:
Fabuloxo Boutique
United Square Shopping Mall, 101 Thomson Road
#01-57, Singapore 307591
Tel: +65 6253 5780

*Products are sponsored and written in my own words


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