Behind the Scenes of #WATA (Golden Village)

Is been adequate amount of time since I talked about NOC, is not that I have nothing to update but rather Ryan and Sylvia wanted to let me have ample rest in the beginning of my pregnancy before taking up heavier duties, say for example le #WATA project.

#wata is pit in Golden Village Cinemas, head down before showtime to catch the preview of this video.

It was a refreshing experience coming back to the team as a backstage performer aka the makeup artist. Now that the team has expanded, is great to see everyone coming together and putting their best foot forward with regards not only towards onscreen acting but also the helpers behind the scenes.
You’ll be surprise at the amount of crew involved for this big project; Director, screen player, musicians, vocalist, camera crews, makeup artists, lighting, production supervisors and technical assistants, basically a full on project.
If you are interested to find out who is who, do check out the names I listed at the end of this blogpost.

Well, since this is my blog, I’ll be giving myself a little more attention as usual.
So lets kick off with me touching up Sylvia and Charlene’s makeup
(photo credited: Adam Tung Ang)


Here’s Adam (who prefers to call himself Tuna) NOC tallest person yet, his presence always shadowed over mine everytime we talk. Even thought I don’t exactly know how tall he stands but he sure looks like a 10 feet monster.
Handsome or not, you be the judge.

Franster or should I say the mordern Bruce Lee airing his feet, this is definitely not the ideal Theater etiquette.DSC00014

Everyone in busy mode. DSC00016

Position ready for the girls. DSC00018

Victoria deep in thoughts, she played a gorgeous Marilyn.

With the other 2/3 MUA: Anna and AndreaDSC00031

Sylvia in her usual annoyed mode.
Everytime I’m done with her makeup she’ll go “ OK我现在去骂人了!”

Jianhao’s ‘original’ hair colour before fixing up his wig.
Andrea did a great job with the fake beard and mustache, it almost looks like he grew them overnight.

With the Sam Willows.

Fixing up Victoria’s Wig.
This was a split second video screen cap , thus please forgive the low resolution here.

Here’s my contribution to the casts Makeup and Wig styling:Sylvia Makeup


Vic Wig Styling copy

Jian-hao-wig-styling-copyYou can find more of my works in my Makeup gallery section.

Last but not least, do enjoy NOC’s Behind the scenes Video:

Ryan Tan

Jian Hao Tan (Captain Jack Sparrow) –
Charlene (Cleopatra) –
Nina Tan (Catwoman) –
Sylvia (Snow White) –
Franster (Bruce Lee) –…
Adam Tun Aung(Joker) –…
Victoria Cheng (Marilyn Monroe)

The Sam Willows (Snow white’s henchmen) –

Make Up
Anna En –
Dominique Andrea –
Dblchin (Clara Song) –

Song composed, music and lyrics by
Daniel Veerapen –
Vince Chong –


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