Back To The Program – Invisalign Lite Treatment

Oh hello, hello! I’m back with the invisalign program again!
Remember a couple of years back (around 6 years ago) I started invisalign treatment with Orchard Scotts Dental? Well, that was the best thing I had ever take on in my life! I would never ever imagined myself with uniformed teeth, grinning from ear to ear flashing my big wide smile.

However due to my negligence, my teeth unfortunately had fallen out of line and reposition itself a little over these few years.
Even though it wasn’t a dramatic shift, I’m so used to seeing my teeth looking perfect(in my context) it bothers me that some teeth had somehow tilted a little.

There are several reasons teeth that had been straighten moved out of alignment, I’m just going to list down from my own perspective with regards to the contributing factors:

-It is recommended to wear retainers every night even after the invisalign program is completed. I was pretty ‘hardworking’ in the beginning but as time goes by I kinda slack back a little especially during the big shift of house last august. I practically skip months on it because I can’t find my retainer anywhere.

-Without the regular use of retainers, teeth that has been altered before will definitely shift in a way or another but in my case, my had teeth started off overcrowded even before I was on the program, thus it carries a higher chance of relapsing.

I’m pretty excited to start this off again with Orchard Scotts Dental!

For case of relapse, this time round I’m going with ‘Invisalign Lite’, a slightly more extensive treatment than ‘Invisalign i7’; which is to fix minor dental issues.
Invisalign Lite works just like the Full Invisalign program which I’ve gone through previously, except it has a shorter time frame. Invisalign Lite takes approx 7 months to complete, while Invalisgn i7 takes around 14 weeks or fewer, the full invisalign program may take up to 2 years to complete.

Looking at the simulation of my teeth aka clinc check to show how it will slowly bring back the uniformity overtime.
I’ll be needing 16 attachments this time round for more precised shifting also coz Dr Yap is very kiasu, he wants my teeth guaranteed chop, look nice and chio at the end of the program.

I’ve started my first few sets aligner and I have to say they have improved the structure their aligners since the last time round, the mold feels softer and made more flexible for better fitting. In the past the aligners I’ve used actually does cause slight abrasion and will always need to file it down to fit better but this time round, there is no need to file down or do any clipping.

I’m looking forward to my next visit complete the rest of the aligners!
Good luck to me on this journey, cant wait to see the results!

Open House @ Orchard Scotts Dental
Those who are keen to learn more about Invisalign treatments or any queries with regards to dental health, please feel free to visit their open house happening this Sat 18th August!
Location: #07-01, Liat Towers, 541 Orchard Rd, S’238881
Tel: 6732 9939

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