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After a long line of cray cray colours I decided to take a break inbetween, let my hair settle a fair bit and let the wonky ends repair itself for a while. So this visit is pretty much back to a shade closest to my original hair colour.

As usual, I entered headlines with a full tresses of tarnished shades.


In order to get my hair back into shape, trusty Charles selected a very ‘safe’ option from Vitality, the Zero hair dye; a colourant suitable for all women. Even if you are a sufferer of sensitive skin, this is dye is safe and poise no harm on you.

They begin working on the roots first then rest of the coluring from midsection to the ends. img_1903 img_1904

Getting a salon blowout, me loves!
If you notice, the gradual tone from lighter roots to darker ends makes the hair less stark looking yet natural and healthy at the same time!

Tada! Look completed!
Gosh, look at the crazy laugh lines, gotta to spam my skin with hydration like no tomorrow!
img_1911 img_1916

Thanks so much Charles! img_1917

On top of that I also received some lightweight trimming of bangs as well. Now I not only don’t look a day older than any average tertiary student (I may had MIA for a while but I’m still as shameless as ever lol), this hairstyle also makes me look more youthful and radiant!
Look at this happy mummy~

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Hair Stylist: Charles Tan

*This treatment is sponsored.

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