Astalift In-focus Serum Review

Though turning back time is almost impossible, we can still impede the process of aging by using various products for our skin.
ASTALIFT, a Japanese beauty brand by FUJIFILM, is the must have product in your skin regiment.
My fellow bloggers and I recenrly took a visit down to their largest boutique in Northern region in Singapore, NEX to witness this amazing technology.

ASTALIFT top 5 beauty picks



ASTALIFT White Shield Drink

ASTALIFT Pure Collagen Drink

ASTALIFT Lighting Perfection Moist Pure Liquid UV Foundation SPF 20 PA ++

ASTALIFT Lightning perfect cosmetic range

ASTALIFT White Range

Spanning 688 square feet, this shop features the brand’s signature red hue to signify the vibrancy and richness of ASTALIFT.
I love the clear lit retail space, makes everything look brights and clean.

Very intrigue and interested to hear from the presenter talk about ASTALIFT, that passion toward the brand as he speaks is so strong and that confident, it had me sold.

The key product, In-Focus Cellactive Serum, consists Ion Sensing Technology, which allows immediate penetration of serum when glided onto the skin.


ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive Serum DSC08643

-Delays Ageing and Restores Skin Youth most effectively through Stem Cell.
-Rejuvenation Re-energies Stem Cells to combat skin ageing like wrinkles and loss of elasticity while improving skin tone, radiance and softness

-Protects stem cells from stresses that cause skin damage and ageing
-Activates stem cell repair and regeneration

-Nano-Astaxanthin CP+ for stem cell anti-oxidation protection
-Nano-Cellactive for stem cells activation

DSC08610 DSC08611

This serum is very unique. It is made up of part water, part oil. When I first pumped out the product, this lightweight gel glides smoothly onto the back of my hand. It then melts into liquid to enhance absorption. After it has dried, the light layer of oil continues to moisturize my skin throughout the day.

ASTALIFT In-Focus Cellactive serum is made of of ingredients that leaves a therapeutic scent of Bergamot, Rose, Jasmine & Sandalwood

Another product which really love is the ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear solution 50 + PA ++++
DSC08626 DSC08640
Formulated with D-UV Guard to provide unprecedented high level of UV skin damaging UVA rays, thereby preventing aging spots and freckles.
Doubles as a beauty essence and makeup base, this product helps to enhance radiant skin keeping the makeup long lasting.

Upon hearing the above, I bought this product straight from the store.

As a busy mother, because I have to get my daughter to school every morning and head off to work, leaving very little time for myself, an effective sunscreen is very essential to me. I already had developed a couple of sunspots after birth, I really do not want anymore to emerge as I aged.
With ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear solution, I can just apply and head out of the house thereafter.
It carries no greasiness keeping me feeling fresh all day.

A highlight of this retail outlet includes a skin analyser machine, where customers’ skin condition is analysed, so that relevant products can be recommended accordingly.

Lets take a look at how much coverage you can get with ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear solution.

Another product which carries the same gel-like appearance is the ASTALIFT Renewal Jelly Aquarysta
DSC08649 DSC08650 DSC08651

A unique anti-ageing skincare product composed of an effective mix of collagen and moisturizer keeping the skin supple at the same time able to combat aging effectively.
DSC08652 DSC08653

Thank you ASTALIFT for the warm invite!

Receive a 3day sample at any of the following outlets just by quoting “Dblchin Clara

ASTALIFT @ Wisma Atria #03-30
Telephone Number: (+65) 6238-6386
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

Telephone Number: (+65) 6734-8860
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

Telephone Number: (+65) 6481-3937
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

To learn more about the In-focus Cellactive Serum do visit the following link:

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