Algana Hair Treatment at Chambers Hair Salon

My ah lao had been challenging me for weeks to cut my hair wor, he think I no dare to cut coz I hum ji. Actually is not I scared, all along I wanted to cut my hair shorter but my life is so busy I just couldn’t get down to doing it.

Tbh last year end I was quite feeling pretty shitty, dejected and unmotivated to do anything.

On the last day of 2019, I told myself I needed to start afresh and stay human.

So I picked up the phone and texted Charles. Super glad that even though is been 2 billion years since my visit, Chambers still open their doors to our sponsorship. We fixed something up and here I am, getting my hair a refreshing look.

First, Charles chopped off all the bad luck that is lurking beyond my shoulders.

Good riddance to the ugly ends *clap*

After that I get to receive the treatment that will change my luck around.

There are several treatments I had gone through to achieve this silky smooth hair and it is called ‘Algana’ though it sounds vulgar, you can rest assure it will make your hair look like the exact opposite of kanina.

Algana is a conditioning treatment that helps moisturise and repair the damage hair strands, restoring a soft smooth finish.

What’s amazing about this treatment is you can get your hair coloured right after the treatment and it won’t affect the texture or quality of the hair strands.

My hair by nature is very coarse and rough plus booms like a lion’s mane, so this treatment is perfect for me as it helps me tame the frizziness down make me look like 120% chio instead of the usual 100%.

This treatment needed to be accompanied by using the flat iron to smooth out the ends but still able to retain that needed volume.

And finally ending off with a fixer to seal and ensure this smoothness last for at least 3-6 months followed by an amazing ash colour that makes me look as hip as my polytechnic nieces.

Haha sike, whatever.

Xie Xie ni Charles for the amazing cut and Algana treatment, so I can 美美过年.

For more about Algana treatment, and appointments you may contact Chambers at the following:

Tel: 69092033

Appointments :9025 1218

78 South Bridge Rd, #01-01 TKH Building, Singapore 058708

They are open from

11am-8pm on weekday

11am-6pm on weekends

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