Dblchin Who?

So WHO is Dblchin?

*Raise hands*

You? What?! Whyyyyyy????

I’m about to explain how this online pseudonym all came about even when I know it’ll take pain to respond to this all over again because somebody new is going to give a similar reaction + ask questions once I meet them offline.
Sure, I’ll explain. No biggie.

So what’s your real name?

You can call me clara, that is as legitimate as ever since birth. You must be thinking how sweet and lovely my name sounds but why the relation to Dblchin?


So here goes:

I was a never a big kid. Short, mini, petite is often used to describe me; I’m always the smallest in class but one thing that sets me apart from myself is this odd layer fat under my chin that appears out of nowhere since I’m little.
I hadn’t realize it was affecting my life as a teenage girl until one fine day a male classmate decides to say something along the line: ‘Hey actually you not bad looking but sad to say you have double chin if not I confirm jio you go steady.’

Oh my gawd, the yesteryear as an ah lian *roll eyes*

To be honest that male classmate wasn’t even remotely close to looking like prince charming but to the growing me (even though I didn’t upsize very much in terms of height) this passing remark affected me a huge bit, so much that I was determined that my double chin is a hindrance in my life.

(Read how I tried to get rid of my dblchin here and here and also here)
And plus, I might have just missed my chance to date a boy!
Well, is evident that my double chin had already existed long before but it only took a minor blow for me to realize need of a reality check.

Ok long story short, from then on the word “double chin” became my strongest nemesis AND my partner in crime because I, eventually decided to digitally bring it to life.
I gave it an abstract and quirky approach for an easy online pen name by sizing it down to just ‘Dbl’ instead of ‘Double’

And so, ‘Dblchin’ is born.

Ok great, now we all know the useless history behind ‘Dblchin’ so who exactly are you again?

Let put it this way, the reason why you are checking out my blog is because you know me in a way or another or you are just dupe by google search looking for ‘ways to eliminate dblchin’ and because you are tad lazy to spell out the entire word  therefore you are led to this page. Period.


I started out in 2006 blogging randomly about everything and I kid you not, m really that random. Long gone were the moments where I talked about how awesome my toilet bowl function is now neatly chucked away in the drafts section.

I being to focus more on beauty topics in early 2010 and I’ve gotten pretty positive response basing on my comments (lets not go into the hater section alright?)


I then started exploring into other segments of social media, like making YouTube videos, Instagramming, Tweeting and Facebooking.
Aside from beauty, I still randomly blog about lifestyle topics, except this time round I put in a heavier and more substantial content into it.
My greatest achievement is attaining a license as a Professional Makeup Artist in Cosmoprof, it was all my blog doings. Without this space and encouragement from my readers I wouldn’t have gone for formal education in makeup.

Today I’m proud to say that I’m doing relatively well as a freelance makeup artist, I’ve gotten a handful of jobs since I graduated last August2013, I’m sure there will be more to come in the growing year. Well my career path didn’t stop there, I actually further upgraded myself with a well known Taiwanese Make-up trainer “洪宇彤” to attain a higher training in Bridal Makeup Artistry. You can check out more of my services here



Now that I found a goal in life, my blogging journey continues with a deeper meaning. I aimed to showcase my work as an individual and also a makeup artist. I will continue to use myself as a canvas with an added flavor by having other subjects in my life: clients, friends and my practicing dummy head.

Things you need to know about me aesthetically:

Skin Tone: Fair
Skin Type: Combination Oily
Skin Concerns: Sensitive/ Chronic Eczema

Have I seen you elsewhere besides here?
Ah, yes I’ve been featured in local magazines and press, do check out the media page.

Even though I’ve diverted my attention to being a makeup artist, I’m still open to blog advertorials. So do drop me an email at dblchin@hotmail.com if you wished to contact me for any advertising opportunities or collaborations.

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