[Review] #LOTD Limecrime Velvetine in Suedeberry

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Remember previously I blogged about Lime Crime Velvetines that I’ve order from the US? Can’t believe is now available online in singapore, a place called Pink Pout!
Pink Pout knew I’m a huge fan of Lime Crime and offered to send me something that I like from the Lime Crime Lipstick series. Since I’m so fond of the Velvetines, I thought why not take the opportunity to request for Suedeberry since I already have Red Velvet.Here’s a swatch of it suedeberry, a shade of bright chilli red that is almost leaning towards orange.
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If Red Velvet is a bold, Suedeberry is the mother of all drama. Very eye catching and you wouldn’t miss me from afar.
To be honest, I don’t enjoy this colour as much as Red Velvet (mainly because cool reds suits me better), I think this is a ‘make or break you’ colour. Dangerous not because is red, because it is neither red nor orange nor coral nor I duno what colour to say. I almost felt like a borderline disaster when I put this on.

But despite all odds, if you look somewhat like me, good news! I found a method that will bring the entire look together.

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Red Velvet (shown here) compared to Suedeberry is 10 times easier to carry off. Focus on clean strong eyes, you can shade the outer corners with darker neutral shades but keep it minimal. Go easy on the brows and if your eyelids takes shape easily, put on a higher crease with a double eyelid tape/fiber/glue, whatever works for you.
Say you do not have a full pout, ok lets fake it. You can either use a lip pencil to retrace your lips shape (focusing a thicker depth on the cupids bow and centre of the bottom lip), drawing it outside of your natural lips before you fill it in with suedeberry or my case directly trace a thicker outline with the wand provided.
The picture above proves a so much better me, I would ditch that green hair and wear this alone but I like my crazy hair colour so yea *sets Sberry aside for later*.
Oh yes before I forget, no baboons asses on your cheeks please, that will only endanger more traffic accidents, instead go with light soft blush that gives a subtle hue.

With that this sums up my review on Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry, you can get them at Pink Pout facebook page:

Prices range from $30 onwards, depending on the quantity you require. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.
Have fun shopping!
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