Dec 31, 2017

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Goodbye 2017

Goodbye 2017

Dear 2017, 

I dunno what to make of you, I had practically used up all the emojis in this past year. 
You taught me that my heart was bigger than it already is. I had no idea that mediocre feeling when I was pregnant with my 2nd child turns out to be incomparable to my first. It is true when they say we can have the best of both worlds and to have the best of three worlds, I’m...

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Nov 13, 2017

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Gerber Baby Biscuits

Gerber Baby Biscuits

Whenever discussion about baby food comes up, the first thing I thought of is plain tasting biscuits, which greatly entice little children but does no appeal towards adults at all. Nestlé Gerber® came up with two types of baked goodies that not only drawn my little ones in but also…heh me. Introducing: Graduates® Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers and Nestlé Gerber® Graduates®...

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Oct 20, 2017

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Note to Self…

Note to self: to feel grateful everyday

Note to self: to express gratitude every living moment

Note to self: 开心也是一天,不开心也是一天

Note to self: is OK not to be perfect, nothing is perfect anyways

Note to self: that when shit happens, don’t ever ever bail out
Pick myself up and say try again

Note to self: it could have been worse in many situations

Note to self: if is not OK, is not the end

Note to self: everything will come to pass,
lets not calm the storm, calm myself instead

Note to self: things don’t always go my way and I don’t always need it to go my way

Note to self: If I try hard enough, things will improve

Note to self: if things get way too hard, walk away for a brief moment,
come back when the mind is clear

Noted to self: that mine aren’t first world problems,
the real ones are out there

Note to self: life is not a competition, do allow me to take my own pace

Note to self: let the future worry about itself, I had enough for today

Note to self: Don’t be too hard on myself

Note to self: always, always treat everyone with respect

Note to self: value what I have and cherish it well

Note to self: motherhood is not easy and I’ve did well today

Notes to self.

❥ dblchin ❥