Oct 20, 2017

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Note to Self…

Note to Self…

Note to self: to feel grateful everyday Note to self: to express gratitude every living moment Note to self: 开心也是一天,不开心也是一天 不如我们就笑着过吧 Note to self: is OK not to be perfect, nothing is perfect anyways Note to self: that when shit happens, don’t ever ever bail out Pick myself up and say try again Note to self: it could have been worse in many situations Note to self: if is not...

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Oct 5, 2017

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Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Seems like I’ve lost myself in the middle of the woods,  I don’t even know how to start anymore. It had been 2 full months of halt in my postings. Wow. The longest hiatus I ever took. Even though this is not what I’m best at, I actually do miss writing. Truth to be told, I’ve been busy, very busy tending EVERYthing especially my child needs. Ryleigh...

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Jul 6, 2017

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[#OOTD] Shop with Tobi


‘I have enough clothes Says no woman ever.

When Tobi approached me for a collaboration, I’m like never-mind that expanding wardrobe, Bring on the merchandise baby!

I was given a selection of wide choice from Tobi’s website

Every clothing tab is spoilt for choice, even basing on one category eg. dresses, they already have like 50 over styles. From Bodycon to off the shoulder dress, everything is broken down nicely. There are certain styles I won’t even go into it, this way I do not need scroll past hundreds of outfits that I do not fancy and can easily narrow down to the type of dresses I hope to purchase.


Their outfit are substantially good, the material and workmanship speaks quality. Basically what you see is literally what you get!

Tobi is an online-only women’s fashion boutique based in Los Angeles. With several million customers and 1.5M Facebook fans, Tobi ship to over 150 countries worldwide (including ours!) and publish 20-30 new arrivals every day.

Featuring the dresses I’ve picked and selected from their website, Model pics for comparison:

Everlasting Sienna Lace Swing DressScreenshot 2017-07-05 13.19.06

To be honest this dress is slightly a little roomy for me, other than that I’m pretty happy about it as it looks exactly the same as the picture on model. The colour difference is pretty vague, the one seen on me is not so accurate, I did some adjustment of lighting to achieve a richer image.
Because I’m much shorter than the model, the hem lands right above my kneecap.


Angelica Blush Multi Maxi DressScreenshot 2017-07-05 13.17.30

I knew I had an important upcoming wedding thus I specifically chose a maxi dress to suit the event. The length of the dress a little long so I had it altered an inch and half shorter to suit my height. The highlight of this dress is the double front slit featuring legs, peekabo me likely.
Because of the cottony material, this dress is actually a great fit between casuals and formals even down to the beach for evening chill outs.

Raina Olive Shift DressScreenshot 2017-07-05 13.19.53

Ok this is my ultimate favourite from the selection, the material is so soft and comfy~
Except for the fact that is more of a tunic rather than a dress, I had to wear safety shorts for modesty sake, aside from that I really have no complains!
This is also consider a lazy day dress, just throw it on and I’m good to head out.
Featuring Airvolution Furniture (The air Ottoman)from New Wave Display, my husband’s 6 year old company built with sweat and tears! Sappork!


As if I cannot have enough of Tobi, I had to make purchase for more clothes to come!
See how hardcore I spam on the sale section.Screenshot-2017-07-04-16.04.03
Thanks Tobi for sending in all the awesome merchandises!

❥ dblchin ❥