Oct 20, 2017

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Note to Self…

Note to self: to feel grateful everyday

Note to self: to express gratitude every living moment

Note to self: 开心也是一天,不开心也是一天

Note to self: is OK not to be perfect, nothing is perfect anyways

Note to self: that when shit happens, don’t ever ever bail out
Pick myself up and say try again

Note to self: it could have been worse in many situations

Note to self: if is not OK, is not the end

Note to self: everything will come to pass,
lets not calm the storm, calm myself instead

Note to self: things don’t always go my way and I don’t always need it to go my way

Note to self: If I try hard enough, things will improve

Note to self: if things get way too hard, walk away for a brief moment,
come back when the mind is clear

Noted to self: that mine aren’t first world problems,
the real ones are out there

Note to self: life is not a competition, do allow me to take my own pace

Note to self: let the future worry about itself, I had enough for today

Note to self: Don’t be too hard on myself

Note to self: always, always treat everyone with respect

Note to self: value what I have and cherish it well

Note to self: motherhood is not easy and I’ve did well today

Notes to self.

❥ dblchin ❥

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