My Adventures to Philippines Boracay Part 3 – Island Visiting

Hello Crystal Cove!
(Entrance Fee 200 php)
 photo DSC00283.jpg
I love island hopping, there is so many different island to explore and you’ll be so wrong to think they are all the same.
Every island offers an unique experience that no other can match.
This time round we have arrived to Crystal Cove, like a cave within cave, we managed to unCover little adventures on this island.
Unlike Krabi island hopping, the good thing about Boracay is that their island are not yet tainted with horde of tourists, glad that the numbers stays low because it’ll be darn hard for us to get a decent picture of the great landscape.
and gorillas even.
 photo DSC00280.jpg
A very primitive sculpture alongside with superhero chin.
 photo DSC00285.jpg
Atsuko having helluva time flipping, jumping and making silly faces.
 photo DSC00286.jpg
Hot girls engaging in a bull fight. (shameless beyond epic proportions, lol.)
 photo DSC00288.jpg
erm…ok, I was reluctant to pose for this shot but after tremendous peer pressure I decided to put my palms on the hot sculpture to brace the scorching sun.
 photo DSC00290.jpg
 photo DSC00292.jpg
If you are lucky, you’ll get to see the locals whipping up food to serve themselves /the guest.
Oh yes did I mentioned that you can actually dine in there too?! Have a taste of their local delights!
As for the dining fees, I’m not too sure about that, do enquire their staff when you are at the door.
As we venture into the heart of Crystal Cove, we caught on a vast view of the sea. It feels majorly awesome to be leaning against the barricade to let the seabreeze caress my face.
 photo DSC00295.jpg
Attempted to climb behind the counter pretending to be a server but I couldn’t get the door open, so I reposition my role back to being a posy tourist instead.
 photo DSC00298.jpg
 photo DSC00299.jpg
 photo DSC00301.jpg
The stairway leading down to our very first cove.
 photo DSC00302.jpg
 photo DSC00303.jpg
Even thought a fraction of water is caught on camera, you can already see vivid rock silhouettes beneath the crystal clear waters. Is completely mind boggling!
 photo DSC00305.jpg
 photo DSC00308.jpg
 photo DSC00310.jpg
After saying goodbye to our first Cove and we started trekking to other parts of the island.
The exploration is endless!
 photo DSC00313.jpg
 photo DSC00314.jpg
As we head down to our 2nd Cove, Han Joo and I spotted a supermodel moment of Valyn’s and couldn’t resist taking a shot of her.
 photo DSC00319.jpg
During our 2nd Cove, we were encouraged to take a dip. So without giving a 2nd thought, I pass my camera to the crew(working there), strip down to my swimwear and headed to relax for a brief moment.
 photo DSC00327.jpg
The rest joined shortly after, we had numerous shots, mainly taken by the crew.
Because we had so many cameras on hand, I guess it kinda stirred his enthusiasm as a photographer. Or maybe we are just too hot. (way beyond hope)
 photo DSC00333.jpg
 photo DSC00337.jpg
 photo DSC00339.jpg
 photo DSC00342.jpg
When is time to eat, is time to eat.
 photo DSC00340.jpg
As we docked at Tambisaan Beach, were we were hosted by the locals. Here are some yummy delights that were served.
 photo DSC00346.jpg
Our lunch was a quick one because we have 1 more area to cover, the ‘Puka Beach’
This is probably the best beach I ever set foot on because everything was what I’ve imagine of a purrrfect beach.
Soft sand, clean waters, good location for jump shots, not forgetting the breaking away from our busy urban life.
We spent our time just lazing by the shore, soaking up the seawater.
 photo DSC00378.jpg
The sun created a beautiful depth of gradient right behind me: a mixes of Seafoam Blues, ahhh the works of nature.
 photo 2013_07_19_9999_184.jpg
 photo P1010841.jpg
Unfortunately, the luxury of time to frolic is soon over and we were called to climb onboard and head back to our residing areas.
Before I head off to say goodbye lets have a taste of the jump shot captured by my Sony NEX F3.
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