Jan 28, 2015

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Insight tour of BeautyAsia 2015

Insight tour of BeautyAsia 2015

Hellos Dblchinis! Earlier I was given a tour of this BeautyAsia 2015 by the kind people from grayling.com. It was my pleasure to share with you the interesting items I uncovered from this year’s beauty trade show so as to prep you for the next few days, also at the last bit of my post I will share some of my buys (although not much) with you guys! The three-day event will be...

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Jan 22, 2015

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Review on Dr Young Anti Pore Tightening Serum

Review on Dr Young Anti Pore Tightening Serum

Pore problem is probably one of the most disturbing skin concern for me. Because of my very congested pores, I often turn into strawberry nose :( Although it feels shiok a million to extract out the blackheads, I can’t help but to feel sorry for these traumatic skin areas. Often my nose and cheek will tend to turn red after extraction resulting in even larger pores. I was...

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Dec 31, 2014

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New Hair Sponsor- Modern Style (A Bo...

I’ve been wanting to get my tresses done for the longest time but because I’m so busy with Ryleigh I barely have time to head down to the salon.
Also I would like to inform you guys that I’m no longer with Shunji Matsuo, our yearly contract was up and I guess they decided to not renew after 3 long years of being with them. Well, I didn’t get an proper official reply from their end with regards to the discontinuing of my sponsorship but since most of my blogposts about Shunji M is properly draft and published, I guess the only reason I could think of is lack of visits during the time of my pregnancy.

However with the help from MyFatPocket, I would like to announce that I’m now with Mordern Style Boutique Salon!
Situated at the heart of Tampines ( 5 Tampines Central 6 Telepark #01-01), Mordern Style salon caters a huge variety of hair services for their customers.

Clean cut interior makes one feel at home. DSC00004

Modern Style is managed by hair stylist Tonny; a heartwarming individual that specially see to your needs.
Usually it takes a long time for me to break the ice but in this case, the moment I step in I already feel at home. Probably also because it is located in the east, a place where I grew up in which makes me feel familiar with that nostalgic sense of touch.
After warming up with Tonny, I proceeded to explain my ‘hair’ situation and also added that I’m currently nursing thus I cannot stay in a salon longer time than usual because I needed to express milk for my baby.
I think going forward I’m going to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by asking him if they have a private/room corner, so while waiting for whatever hair treatment I’ll be receiving I still could pump at the same time.
DSC00013 DSC00016

But this time round I’ll just be touching up my current rusty shade.

I was given a combination of blues and purples to coincide with the my natural black hair. DSC00018 DSC00021

I love the end result, the dip dying style looks very impressive!
Also the way my hair was blown inwards makes it look really soft and feminine, like a hip mama without being over the top.  DSC00022 DSC00024

Incase you are wondering how Tonny looks like…DSC00026

No makeup but you can spot the remains of that few strands of furlash from Milly’s.
Thank you Tonny, can’t wait for my next visit!

Modern Style Hair Salon is location at the following:
5 Tampines Central 6, #01-10 Telepark, Singapore 529482
(3 mins walk away from Century Square)
Hours: 10:30am to 8:30pm (Mon – Fri); 10:30am to 7pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)rice list:

Pricelist as Follows:

  • Hair Cut – $20 to $38
  • Hair Wash – $18 to $28
  • Hair Treatment – $68 to $108
  • Scalp Treatment – $98
  • Hair Color – $68 to $108
  • Highlight/Lowlight – $68 to $98
  • Soft Rebonding – $88 to $158
  • Digital Perm – $98 to $188
  • Cold Perm – $68 to $88

For my readers, you are entitled to a 20% discount when you quote “Dblchin/Clara”

*Hair treatment/s is sponsored, however opinions are my own.