Nov 24, 2016

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Review: Beauty Keeper Miss Hana Magnetic Eyes

Review: Beauty Keeper Miss Hana Magnetic Eyes

When it comes to makeup/skincare products, countries that came into mind are usually from UK, US, Japan or the recently trending Korean makeup brands (my favs). So when Sample Store passed me a full load of Made in Taiwan beauty products from 美麗掌櫃 Beauty Keeper I was a little taken by surprise , I actually never knew that Taiwan has got their own manufacturing plant. Mainly also...

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Nov 12, 2016

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New haircut with Headlines Hairdressing

New haircut with Headlines Hairdressing

As much as I love having long hair, I’m always open to explore new things. So this time round I’ve decided to chop a few inches off my long tressers for a fresher cleaner look. The Before. My long and unruly mane before the snip. The After. Love how Charles rounded the edge of my hair which gives a very soft finished.  Even though I’ve gone through the been there...

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Nov 4, 2016

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Milly’s 3D Volume Lashes

Is been a while since I step in to Milly’s to get me some pampering moment. To be honest, with my recent (busy) schedule is really tough to enjoy simple luxuries like getting my hair or nails done.
This time round I’m pretty determined to get something done so I made an appointment to get my lashes fixed at Milly’s Suntec.
The ladies over at the counter decides to offer me their Newest 3D Volume Lash, honestly I’m so out of touch I don’t even know if this is a ‘new’ thing but yea it seems pretty fresh to me, so I deemed it New! haha.

img_3576 (Original lash)

They have 3, 5 or 6 strands bundle to choose from, you can have a mix of the assorted as well. I was advise to take up 3 strands because the nature of my lash is pretty thin and weak therefore it might not be able to withstand 5 strand bundle.

This is how it works:
These 3, 5 or 6 strands are bundled up and latch on to your individual lash to create more voluminous and thicker result.

Tada! There you have it!img_3581

They looked really natural and feels soft to the touch~img_3582

Here’s a picture in motion to catch a glimpse of my 3D Volume lashes! Click Play!

Other examples of Milly’s 3D Volume Lash. photo-31-10-16-6-06-43-pm-1 photo-31-10-16-6-06-43-pm photo-31-10-16-6-06-47-pm


Dblchins Specials!’

To enjoy Milly’s 3D Volume lash extensions at $100 (retails at $238) or $10 off other normal lashes, don’t forget to quote ‘Clara’ or ‘Dblchin’ when you head down for your lash services!

*This service is sponsored, opinions are my own