Apr 21, 2014

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Shunji Matsuo- Hair Colouring (Blue)

Shunji Matsuo- Hair Colouring (Blue)

And so I headed down to Shunji Matsuo touch up my hair last week, I have to say this time round it faded rather fast. Probably because I’m expecting, the team decided not to leave the dye on for too long and thus the colour fast wasn’t strong enough. Normally my Elumen treatment can last for at least 3 weeks before a gradual fade. From the last seen purple, it faded to...

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Apr 17, 2014

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[Review] Introduction to Etude House Colour My Bro...

[Review] Introduction to Etude House Colour My Brows Mascara

I never thought I’ll fall in love with Korean makeup until I met Etude House. Initially when Etude House first launch in Singapore I was a little blew away by the cute and girly appearance of their shop but still pretty reluctant to patronize because I thought the prices of their makeup would be exorbitant! I mean with so much effort spend on the shop decor and elaborately...

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Apr 15, 2014

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[Makeup folio] Function Makeup and h...

Yay! Now I have my own say in categorizing my blogpost, finally free from the clutches of Blogspot limitations!

From now on, all makeup related assignments could be found under  the Top Tab: Makeup Services ->BlogScreen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.12.50 am
This special column not only features clients’ work but also provides a more detailed write-up of my technique (+ less conventional) which I  will never be able to fit into the pathetic caption columns of my gallery page.

However if you still wished to view the consolidate looks that I’ve done so far, feel free to hop over to

This week I’m featuring Juli, a client recommended by my fellow Makeup Artist Shiling.
Juli wanted a very Korean look for her company K-Pop theme function, also shes one of the award receiver for this event thus I have to ensure she is in tip top condition adhering to the theme given.
Juli makeup high res
My aim is to make Juli less of the mainstream K-Pop, instead leaning more towards the Koren Drama Edition; focusing on being soft and romantic.
As you can see from the before picture, Juli has monolids so I had to do my best in correcting her eyes to make it look more prominent here. I wanted everything to look cohesive even down to the matching of her outfit, thus this explains the blue eyeshadow winging at the outer corners of her eyes.

When Juli closed her eyes, you can get a slight peek at the mesh eyelid tape I’ve stick on. It’ll sometime show up in closeup shots but is actually less conspicuous in real, so nothing much to worry about. The rest of the eye colour (besides blue) is kept to only 1 natural white sheen, this way it makes the entire makeup looks bold yet not too elaborate.

Her hairdo is a combination of waterfall and weaving braids, the key reason why I added as small weaving below the waterfall braid (besides the nature of beautifying it) is because of her natural hair colour, is pretty dark thus making the waterfall effect a little tougher to capture in real. This weaving not only helps to keep the waterfall strands in place, the drop down strands actually shows up better in both photos and in person (see side profile pic on right)
Juli hair high res
The lower sections were curled towards the center giving the cascading braid that needed attention.
DSC00006 copy

Hope you like this look!

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