Apr 14, 2015

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Good Riddance with Modern Style Salon

Good Riddance with Modern Style Salon

At this present moment I’m looking pretty off right now. Having to say that, is been 2 months since I got my hair fixed. Lets blame it on onslaught of after-pregnancy-hormones(ok bad excuse), baby, housework etc and of course the truth to be told…laziness. I just couldn’t move my ass out of my chair even when I had free time at home. For a while I thought...

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Apr 12, 2015

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I didn’t expect…

I didn’t expect…

…a surge of views the day I published the story of my Post Pregnancy Body. (35 weeks) This is the first time I received such a huge leap in my blog stats throughout my blogging history, so much that the numbers actually startled me. I wasn’t anticipating anything different when I was venting my frustrations over here, all I wanted was an outlet to document my life so...

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Apr 9, 2015

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Post Pregnancy Body.

I can’t remember how it looks like before pregnancy but in my memory I had smooth soft skin that runs throughout the entire body.

Since the day I got pregnant, my body has changed.stretchmarks today
(Photo of Today)

Today, is no longer pretty nor appealing and I don’t think it will ever spring back to normal again.

Is that’s really the sacrifice of mummyhood? I don’t know.

Yes I may have lost a lot of weight but is never the same again, whenever people exclaimed that I’m so skinny¬† (after realizing I had a 7 month old daughter) all I could do is smile.
They don’t understand the agony I’m feeling inside every time I look at myself. No matter how grateful I’m for many other things, I’m truly ashamed of my post postpartum body.

I’ve been bawling my eyes out ever since the first stretchmark appeared at 30 weeks.
(30 weeks 7.5month)

Until the last lap of my pregnancy, my tears are like Niagara falls.
It escalated so quickly my skin is pretty much irreversible.
stretchmarks 1(Exactly 40 weeks)

I’ve contemplated for the longest time whether to talk about my body because this is so private, something which I’m not proud of.
Also someone somehow will probably think I’m just a self-absorb bitch who cares all about herself and nothing else.
But I guess I should coz , this is my outlet.

All I can say is, please don’t judge.
You yet to know my story.

Also I’m a little hesitant to post this because a company, who plans to sponsor me body treatment is probably gonna bail out after reading this,¬† I seriously don’t know how to they are going to help as it looked beyond repair.

stretchmarks after birth
(Right after birth)

I may have a happy family; the sweetest, most caring husband on the planet. My daughter, a level 99 screamer is healthy and growing rounder by the day. My dog is obedient and well behaved beyond words.

So what more can I ask for?
My body.
I don’t expect to be firmed and toned I just want my pre-preg body with that bit of flabbiness back.
Just give it back to me.

My mum and some friends say “awww, is ok la, whenever you feel sad about those stretch marks just look at your daughter and you’ll feel happy”

I love my daughter, I’m happy.
But is just 2 different thing, I still want my body back.

I’m sorry if today’s post sounded morbid and yes it was written with a heavy heart because my breast are starting to look the same.
Sometimes while I’m expressing milk, I gazed at my tummy for the longest time hoping this unattractive part of me will suddenly go away but for I know it never will.
stretchmarks hip
(Taken on a Random day not too long ago.)

I waited for 7 months, still it didn’t happen and the impression of the dark Linea Nigra is still there.
(Taken recently)

Why so?

If you ladies have any tips and tricks to share with me even to improve that area slightly, please let me know, thank you.

I regretted not documenting my pre-pregnancy body but here’s an ending post of me when I was 12 week pregnant, still looking nice and firm with little Ryleigh in me.
12 wks (2) copy
(2months pregnant)